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Cute 22 Year Old Chick Suffers From Condition Where She Can't Stand Up


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NYDNA British beauty who once dreamed of a glitzy modeling career is now confined to a wheelchair, suffering from a rare disorder that makes her faint when she stands. When Chelsey Reynolds, 22, isn’t sitting, she walks around on her knees, toting a small stool. It’s the only way to keep her unusual condition, postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) at bay, she said. “I used to work for 15 hours and then go on a night out — there’s no way I could do that now,” Reynolds told Caters News Agency.  Doctors are unsure why Reynolds, from Essex, England, suddenly contracted the bizarre condition. She was working at a local hospital when symptoms struck. She described “feeling faint,” then woke up in the emergency room.  “Every time I stood up for even the shortest period of time I had an overwhelming feeling that I was going to faint.” People who suffer from PoTS struggle to remain upright after lying down because enough blood isn’t going to the brain, causing extreme dizziness. After days of grueling tests, Reynolds was diagnosed with PoTS last October. “It’s a huge change, and I’ll never completely get used to this craziness, but I won’t let it get me down,” she said. “I still go out as much as I can and have fun — I’m still a normal 22-year-old.  Reynolds has even met a new boyfriend since her diagnosis. She was at a nightclub with friends — a bouncer friend had to carry her inside and sit her down — when she spotted him. “We started chatting and it was great, because you’d never have guessed anything was wrong with me,” Reynolds said. “We’ve never walked hand in hand, which is something most couples take for granted, but we have a great relationship all the same.”

If you’re gonna have a smoke be afflicted with any sort of disease, this is the one to have. I mean I’m sure like 90% of dudes wouldn’t even care. If I was sitting at a club chatting with a smoke and we hit it off and she was like “KFC…I have a confession to make…

…I can’t stand up without getting really faint and tired.”

I’d be like “Thats it? Thats your big secret? Me too babe!” That shit wouldn’t deter me one fucking bit. I hate standing up. Standing up is almost as overrated as going outside. As a matter of fact, I think one of the sexiest things in the world is a chick who loves to sit. She’s not bugging you to dance or anything like that. Not always up and about, doing shit. Come over here and sit with me, toots. We’ll watch TV and drink and eat and stuff. And if we hit it off and things go right and one thing leads to another, maybe we go lay down together. If my ideal night goes off to perfection, I wouldn’t stand up at all.

So Chelsey, don’t be bummed. Plenty of dudes out there who absolutely, 100% do not care whether you can stand up or not. I’d go so far as to say if my girl was diagnosed with PoTS today I’d probably go get a wheelchair for the fuck of it to ride alongside her. Thats true love. And true laziness. And smokes are smokes whether they are standing or sitting.