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That's Dr. Jon Bon Jovi To You, Sir

bon-jovi – Jon Bon Jovi has been informally teaching a master class in songwriting hooks for decades, and now the Ivy League has taken notice. The singer of the “Wanted Dead or Alive” band received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from the University of Pennsylvania on Monday.

Penn is about an hour away from Bon Jovi’s North Jersey home, and the city of Philadelphia has benefited from the frontman’s numerous charitable endeavors. Penn president Amy Gutmann told the class of 2019 that Bon Jovi was being recognized for his “boundless passion bringing the joy of music to millions” and his service to the community.

Well, folks, it looks like it’s about that time to make a new addition to the Mount Rushmore of doctors. First up we had Dr. Dre. Then we have Dr. Doolittle. You can also throw Dr. Phil up there. And finally, we now have Dr. Jon Bon Jovi. And I gotta be honest–this is long, long overdue. I mean as soon as Bon Jovi finished up writing “Living On A Prayer”, he should have been awarded his Doctor of Music degree right there on the spot. That right there is a top 5 white people sing-a-long song of all time. Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. When “Living On A Prayer” comes on, you immediately join in whether you want to or not. Bon Jovi had that shit down to a science.


And the great thing about Bon Jovi is that all of his shit continued to slap throughout his career. “Living On A Prayer” was 1986. “It’s My Life” was 2000. “Have A Nice Day” was 2005. That’s pretty much 20 full years of sustained greatness. And now you have to imagine that finally graduating from school is going to give his career an extra boost.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking to yourself. You’re thinking that Jon Bon Jovi probably lost his edge now that he received his doctorate from an Ivy League institution. But Penn is different. It’s not some little bitchy nerd school like Harvard or Yale or anything like that. Not even close. Penn is in the heart of West Philly. So if you’re going to be a rockstar and graduate from any Ivy League school, Penn is your best bet. You’re not going to leave there composing classical music while sipping on some tea and reading the paper with your monocle. You’re still going to be putting out some kick ass rock n’ roll. So fret not, Bon Jovi fans. There are only bigger and better things ahead.

Also–maybe now that Bon Jovi is a doctor, he’ll be able to help out Mac with that cancer situation.