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Bears Owner George McCaskey Was Shoved By A Saints Fan Last Night Annnnnd The Circus Continues


CHICAGO (CBS)Bears owner George McCaskey was involved in a minor altercation with a New Orleans Saints fan during Monday’s night’s game at Soldier Field. McCaskey was trying to sit in his seat at the stadium, but found that the Saints fan was sitting there. Apparently, when McCaskey asked him to move, the fan shoved him, sources said. There were a reported 11,000 no-shows for the game, which the Bears lost, so there were plenty of empty seats to be had. Then, a Bears fan tackled the Saints fan, security was called and that person was escorted away. McCaskey, whose official title is chairman of the team, was not injured. Police were called, but it is unclear whether the fan is facing charges.


Under normal circumstances, pretty nothing story. Under the backdrop of the 2014 Chicago Bears season? Hilarious. Can’t win, got rats in the building, got a team that has quit and our owner is getting shoved in his own stadium by fans of the opposing team. Step right up folks, the circus is in town for 1 more week. Lions vs Bears at Soldier Field should be a doozy.





Stoolie sent me this yesterday, be more awkward George.