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Did Barstool's JackMac Get Ed Cooley An Extension And Juwan Howard The Michigan Job?

First off credit to JackMac for owning up HIS scoop about Ed Cooley to Michigan. Not sure how he got his #sources but he owned it. Welcome to the college basketball world, Jack.


Now unfortunately for Jack this news broke today:

Makes you wonder if Providence felt rushed after seeing Jack’s scoop all over the internet?

This is huge for Providence. I saw some nonsense floating around last night about how some Providence fans were ready to move on from him because of lack of NCAA Tournament wins. Guys, it’s Providence. He turned that program into a consistent NCAA Tournament team. That’s pretty good. He’s also a hell of a coach and a real underrated recruiter in the national landscape.

As for Michigan? I thought the fit made sense. Cooley is still young enough that he’d be there for a decent amount of time assuming he lived up to the expectations. He’d be able to recruit there and while some his flex offense can get mundane he’s shown the ability to adjust on that side of the ball. He would have won over Michigan fans REAL QUICK. Hell, he would have made some cum to the goddamn moon:

So now we have the most recent rumor. Juwan Howard (one of the two remaining ‘finalists’ along with Luke Yaklich). The report was he was interviewing today and according to this site, Howard is taking the job:


It makes sense. He’s a ‘Michigan Man’ and has experience as an NBA assistant. We’ve seen this path recently with Patrick Ewing going along the same exact one. But, more importantly we have this stat:

That Penny/Ewing NBA Jam team would be solid or sub in Dan Majerle for shooting.

As for the fit? Yeah, I mean it makes sense. Like I said you win the press conference by bringing back a guy like Juwan Howard. I have no doubt that he’d be able to recruit. The biggest thing would be is he able to keep a guy like Luke Yaklich on staff? Yaklich is one of the best defensive minds in the country. How would he fill out his bench?