The Wall Street Journal Makes A Bold NBA Statement: The Warriors Would Not Be Good Without All Of Their Good Players

I respect the Wall Street Journal for stepping out of their comfort zone of the finance world and the stock market to jump into the Embrace Debate sports world.

The Golden State Warriors would NOT be a basketball dynasty without every one of their best basketball players.


And, just like the computer in the above GIF after this massive TakeQuake…the Journal is getting flamed for it.



I thought maybe it was just a bad Twitter headline from the social media team, so I had my connection who actually pays for this kind of material to sneak me behind the paywall to read it for myself.

So how did the Golden State Warriors do it?

It’s because of the five players who have been essential to this magical run. The Warriors would not be a dynasty without Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant. Every one of them was necessary to sustain a level of success that’s unprecedented in the modern NBA.

(It then includes a list of each player and why they are good at basketball.)

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It’s true folks: crude oil is down, the Warriors are up, because of their starting 5 including 2 of the best NBA players ever and a guy who has a triple double in every game he plays.