Hampton Families Living Out Of Trailers On The Beach To Rent Out Their Homes For The Summer

NY Post – Hamptons residents are trading in their luxury million-dollar homes for the summer — to live in a trailer park. The savvy folks are squeezing into digs the size of a tiny Manhattan studio so they can lease out their sought-after houses and rake in thousands of dollars during the sizzling summer rental season. “We call it ‘glamping,’ or glamour-camping,” said real-estate agent Danielle Becker-Wilson, 36, who jumped on the bandwagon and is temporarily ditching her million-dollar pad for a trailer at “Montauk Shores Condominiums” — also known as the Ditch Plains Trailer Park — in Montauk. Becker-Wilson is now living with her husband, George, 36, daughter Lila, 7, and son Liam, 4, in a 400-square-foot trailer in the park, where Mercedes and Audis can be seen coming and going daily. It’s a far cry from the family’s quaint digs on a lush property in the village of East Hampton. But the deal was just too good to pass up: In just two months, July and August, she and her husband will have collected $50,000 in rent. And they can use their $60,000 trailer year after year. “It was an affordable investment for us to make so that we can make our house in the village of East Hampton work for us,” Becker-Wilson said. $50,000 RENTAL INCOME – $16,800 TRAILER SPACE = $33,200 PROFIT

Not a bad gig right here. Still get to live in the Hamptons for the summer. Still probably living in a trailer thats nicer than 99% the sharehouses people usually rent for the summer. And walk away with over 30 grand a summer in profit. Of course most people see “Hampton Residents” and automatically assume they are bougie assholes who could never possibly live in a little shack for the summer. But the reality is there are perfectly normal families, who have done well for themselves, who are working this system to perfection. I mean this is the house the Post is writing about:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 1.38.32 PM


We’re not talking about 15 bedroom beachfront mansions. Just spend your summers on the beach in a little camper with your family and cash in on all the Manhattan yuppies willing to fork over 30k a month. That right there is the American Dream.

PS – If you think I’m not considering buying a trailer and some trailer park space to rent out to post college idiots every summer, you are sadly mistaken.