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Roger Federer Is So Much Cooler Than You Will Ever Be

It’s hard not to be awkward in today’s world, especially when you have a camera in your face 24/7. My example….

Well, Roger Federer is the coolest guy on Planet Earth. He bleeds cool. He invented it. It is so difficult to go from a golf handshake/dap to a fist bump and not look like a complete idiot. It might be harder than hitting a baseball. I think Tommy Smokes has a seizure every time comes up to dap him up. You want ot see panic? Go dap Tommy up in public. The milliseconds you have to recognize the change and then physically call the audible in your head is what separates winners from losers. Roger Federer is a goddamn champion.

Fed playing in the French is a big deal. He hasn’t been here since 2015, but he’s decided to give the clay courts a go since this is the best physical shape he’s reached in years and you never know when he’ll hang ‘em up. He did have to withdraw from Rome last week due to a knee injury, but I think that was just because he was exhausted from playing two matches in one day (stupid tournament) and he needed to save himself for Roland Garros. Hopefully he’s able to make a decent run, but I’d be shocked if he makes the semis.

Either way Nadal is probably going to win his 12th French Open title because no one can take him on clay (maybe Djoker maybe Thiem? probably not). It’s just good to see Fed out there, because you never know when it’ll be curtains. The man will be 38 in August and he’s fresher than most 20 something year olds. That’s the Swiss Maestro for ya. Give ‘em hell, Rog.