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This Reporter Will Broadcast Right In Your Face That You Are High As Hell If You Predict Blazers In Seven

How about the balls on this reporter? I mean don’t get me wrong I love the move here. Most of the time these big Journalists will make some corny statement or like ‘well let’s see if the Blazers can get it done.’ But, not this guy. He will say there’s a bunch of cannabis in the fine city of Portland.

The fan was so caught off guard too. You can tell he wants to redeem himself but the reporter strikes perfectly. You can’t take his mic from him. He got his jab in. You’re stuck sitting there wanting some Slim Jim’s (just me?). You just gotta sit there and deal with getting fucking roasted for thinking the Blazers can win 4 games in a row against the Warriors.

Banner two games for Blazers fans though. I’m starting to really want to visit Portland and the Moda Center.