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Is This The Zaniest Tattoo I've Ever Seen? Meesa Think So

You don’t have too go far to find WTF tats on the Internet. So many piss-poor decisions while blacked out like getting one of Q*bert 69ing the Dig Dug guy while you were so drunk on Spring Break that you had to get it lasered off litter the web. Bad, foolish, and ugly tattoos all over. And there’s always the dummies who get championship tats before their teams won shit. But I think we have to start a new category for this specimen.


Holy bantha shit! A Steve-O-inspired full-back tattoo of Jar Jar Goddamn Binks. I have of couple of small ones and lots of buddies with full sleeves yet I have no idea what would inspire a fella to do this to himself. But apparently, it’s camp. You know, the tragically ludicrous, the ludicrously tragic! Hey man, do your own thing.

I mean, getting a tattoo of the most hated-character in a beloved, fictional universe spanning 11 movies and thousands of creatures is a pretty ballsy call. And make no mistake, Jar Jar Binks is hated even more than a genocidal military commander, a children-killing traitor, and the script for THE PHANTOM MENACE.

But this isn’t some regrettable tramp stamp or ass-tat or even an old-fashioned forearm job like Popeye’s anchor. And it wasn’t some off-the-cuff thing. My man had to sit for hours to get this done. THIS IS A FULL-BACK TATTOO OF FRIGGIN’ JAR JAR BINKS INSPIRED BY A GUY FROM JACKASS.

Now, regardless of how we feel about that Gungun dildo, we do have to give full marks to the artist for his work. He did a fantastic job of capturing all of little intricacies of that idiot and making sure he followed the standard set by Mr. O. The quality work keeps this from being a shitty tattoo. Just one that’s gonna age about as well as ATTACK OF THE CLONES.

Bonus points for that back zapper that makes JJB look like a 15-year-old.

(Here’s a link to the original Tweet: )