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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Threatened His Neighbor With An AK-47 And Told Him 'If You're Gonna Hunt Something, Hunt Men'"?

Huff PoA hair-brained argument between neighbors turned serious when one of them pulled out an AK-47. The incident happened Thursday night in Louisville, Ky., when a man was shooting rabbits from his porch with an air gun — rabbits that had allegedly been burrowing in his garden. The man’s next-door neighbor, Rodney Wold, did not care at all for the rabbit shooting, so he went inside his own home and came back out with an assault rifle, according to WLKY-TV. “He loaded the magazine with, I believe it was, 19 rounds and went back outside and pointed it at his neighbor and said, ‘If you want to hunt something, hunt men,'”police spokeswoman Carey Klain told WAVE.

You wanna be a tough guy? Picking on little defenseless rabbits? Well don’t be surprised when Rodney Wold loads up 19 rounds and puts an AK-47 in your fucking face. Defender of Rabbits, Hunter of Men. Rodney Wold ain’t gonna sit around while you shoot little rodents.

The best part is you know this googly eyed psychopath actually hunts humans. Like some white trash version of The Most Dangerous Game. Some meth head adaptation of Hard Target starring Jean Claude Van Damme. I mean you take one look at Rodney Wold and you’re immediately thinking what it would be like to be trapped in the woods as he tracks you like prey. Ironically enough I think I could escape this cross eyed idiot but that doesn’t mean he’s not the time with a taste for human flesh. He may be the worst human hunter out there. But he’s a human hunter none the less.