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Paulie Malignaggi Just Spat At Artem Lobov During Their Face Off

Here’s a question for everybody – who decided that pointing a finger at somebody was disrespectful? I feel like I’ve heard that my whole life. Don’t point your finger. It’s disrespectful. Why? It’s so weird.

Anyway, Artem Lobov was doin’ some finger pointing at Dave and Busters today, during the press conference for he and Paulie Malignaggi’s Bare Knuckle Boxing bout, and the former boxer didn’t appreciate that, so he spat at him. Gross! Lobov then went for a front kick, similarly to what his training partner Conor McGregor has done during heated faceoffs, and the two were separated.

I’ll be honest – I fucking hate this Bare Knuckle Boxing shit. It’s brutal in the worst ways, doesn’t pay its athletes or provide them with suitable medical coverage in any way, shape, or form, and isn’t fun to watch. Nobody can throw as hard as they want to because they’ll break their hands, which leads to less knockouts, more decisions, it’s a whole thing. I try not to cover it when I don’t have to because I wish it’d just go away, but hey – sometimes mothafuckas spat at other mothafuckas.