Sick League: Draymond Green Won't Even Let His Son Watch The NBA Because Of All The Flopping

I mean….wow. What more needs to be said? Imagine being so embarrassed about your job that you literally won’t even let your children watch you do it. What kind of life is that. Couldn’t possibly be a hockey player, I’ll tell you that much right now.

It’s just a shame, it really is. I mean good on Draymond, though. He knows that the kids are the future. And he realizes that the NBA is going to turn the future into a bunch of bitches who just flop all over the place and run from any sort of adversity they come across. The NBA teaches kids that if you can’t beat someone or accomplish something on your own, to just run away and join a team with a ton of superstars to do it for you. Just think about the way that this great nation of ours was started in the first place, and you’ll quickly see that the NBA is pretty much the polar opposite of all of that. If our Founding Fathers played in the NBA, America would still belong to the British right now. In fact, George Washington would have just teamed up with King George III.

So if we truly care about the future and we truly want America to be hockey tough again, well then we need less kids watching the NBA and more kids watching the NHL. You know it, I know it, Draymond knows it, the whole world knows it.