This Five Year Old Kid With Too Many Girlfriends Who Can't Decide Which One To Dump Makes Me Sick

Look at this kid, just has an embarrassment of riches and is shoving it right in our fucking faces.  Fuck him.  Hey kid, you have three girlfriends.  That’s what we like to call one of those good problems.  You shouldn’t be thinking about how to get rid of one, you should be thinking about how to add a fourth.  Strike when the iron is hot little man.  Those days don’t last forever.  Trust me.  I’m out here struggling to get one and Hugh Hefner of the playground has the audacity to complain that he’s slaying too many bitches.  Unbelievable.  I’m not buying his emoticon sad face act of being upset about this either.  Classic case of bitching about something in order to get attention for it.  Like, “Look at me.  I’m so sad that girls can’t keep their hands off my bod.  Woe is me.”  Get outta my face.

PS- In all seriousness, when he says “I wish I was four again” is laugh out loud funny.