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I Can't Wait For This New Show Where Jon Favreau Cooks For His Pals

I love Jon Favreau. He’s one of my favorite people on earth. He made ‘Iron Man’, creating the domino effect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we all know and love today, he’s the visionary genius behind the “live action” versions of ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘The Lion King’, he’s at the helm of the first ever live action Star Wars television show in ‘The Mandalorian’, and he’s the writer, director, and star of possibly the most wholesome, lighthearted film ever made – ‘Chef’ – just to name a couple of the projects on his resume.

If you haven’t seen ‘Chef’, I highly recommend it. It’s just Jon Favreau running a food truck, driving around, whipping up Cubanos for people with his son – he’s got a hot wife, a killer eye for delicious ass food on the big screen, I mean…the dude lives the fucking life. It’s one of the more easygoing flicks ever, being all conflict is thrown out the window in like, the first act. He quite simply knows how to do it right, whether he’s on or off screen, and I admire that very much.


Jon’s latest endeavor is called ‘The Chef Show’, and it’ll be on Netflix on June 7th. Basically, from what this trailer shows us, Favreau’s teaming up with the guy who taught him how to cook for ‘Chef’ and just cooks meals for his pals. From what I gathered, this show and its concept are pretty much all existent because Favs wanted to have get togethers with the people he loves more often. How friggin adorable is that?! Oh, and since he’s Jon Favreau, his “pals” include Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, The Russo Brothers, Bill Burr, and many, many more. Count me the fuckin’ hell IN.

GOD, I wish I were friends with Jon Favreau.