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Giannis Treated Drake Like He Was An Absolute Nobody Last Night

There is no denying that Drake has an awesome life. I mean you get yourself a 767 and things are probably working out for you just fine.


What we also know is that when it comes to the Raptors, Drake is not shy when it comes to talking shit. Just last series we saw him get into the head of Joel Embiid, and certainly had his troll game on full display


He wanted to get a reaction out of Embiid and it worked. Listen it’s one thing if some random drunk asshole is chirping you from the stands, it’s another thing if it’s one of the biggest hip hop artists on the planet sitting courtside. I also don’t know how smart of a tactic this is by Drake. If you were to make a list of NBA stars who you don’t want to antagonize, I feel like Giannis has to be high on that list. He had an off night last night before fouling out, that’s true, but he is no Joel Embiid. Just look at how he completely ignored Drake walking by. On a night where everyone in Toronto was catching Ws, you have to admit Drake took a rare L here. To not even get the slightest reaction out of Giannis isn’t the best look when you’re trying to talk shit, you know Giannis heard and he just kept it moving. If anything this is only adding to the likelihood that the Raptors are going to deal with like a 35/17/7 Giannis performance with 20 FTA or something crazy in Game 4. It’s just not worth it in my opinion if you’re Drake here. You can mentally break the Sixers, but the Bucks are a different beast.

You can’t fault Drake for trying, this is what he does. But if I were a Raptors fan this would make me nervous. Hell I’m already nervous that the team basically has to rely on Kawhi to do everything all ready just to have a chance. Having Drake sitting here fueling the fire for Giannis is something that basically never works out for anyone who does it. That was the look of a player that’s extremely locked in, and one who isn’t going to let some attention seeking celebrity break his focus. He basically treated Drake like he was just some random fan named Aubrey Graham which certainly isn’t the best look for the rapper.

All I know is if Giannis explodes in Game 4, you have to think if it’s time to take Drake’s tickets away.