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Matt Harvey Dating Victoria's Secret/SI Supermodel Anne V


NY PostThe Mets phenom might have allowed a single White Sox baserunner to foil a pitching gem earlier this month, but he was absolutely stellar last night at the Rangers contest where he snuggled up to his new girlfriend, 26-year-old supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna. “A @NYRangers win! Riding the elevator out of the garden with the beautiful @AnneV. And now bedtime, to get ready for @Mets baseball” Harvey tweeted on May 6th, right before he got the stunner’s phone number. The two have been dating ever since, according to US Weekly. The 5’9 Vyalitsyna, known as “Anne V” in the fashion world, has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the last nine years and has also modeled for Victoria’s Secret. She dated “Maroon 5″ singer Adam Levine from 2010-2012 and has also been romantically linked with “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard in the past. Apparently the blond beauty has put those other suiters behind her, because she was seen wrapped in Harvey’s arms while the pair watched the Rangers beat the Bruins in an OT thriller.

Life is not too shabby for Matt Harvey huh? Didn’t take very long for him to make the jump from rookie stud to franchise pitcher banging out supermodels. This right here is a massive moment for New York sports. Because up until now, for the past 15 years if you asked “which New York athlete would you want to be?” Derek Jeter was pretty much the undisputed, heavyweight champ. Unanimous choice. Absolutely no doubt about it. And if we’re being perfectly honest, if the debate is still which guy would you wanna be for the next 24 hours, Philip Sanderson still gets the nod.

But if the question is which New York athlete are you buying stock in?, which New York athlete do you want to be for the next 15 years? my man Matt Harvey is a blue chip, buy buy buy, choice. Dude is gonna be a top 5 pitcher in baseball. Probably already is. Packs a lip, lets his nose pour with blood, pitches absolute filth every 5th game, and consumes batters and smokeshows with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse. He tweets about meeting Victoria’s Secret/SI models in the elevator and a week later he’s dating them. He’s an absolute savage. And for the next decade-plus, he’s going to dominate this city and any broad of his choosing. The only other competition he has as far as “which NY athlete would you buy stock in?” is John Tavares. But New York will always remain a baseball town and because of that Harvey is the choice. Pretty absurd though that the 2 brightest stars for the foreseeable future in this city come from the Mets and the Isles.

PS- There’s only one man in this world I know that could handle dating a chick who previously hooked up with Adam Levine and Alexander Skarsgard, and thats Matt fucking Harvey. I’m not trying to sound gay but the fact that he’s dating Anne V after those guys is indisputable proof that, along with a disgusting fastball and a downright offensive slider, he has an absolute hammer hanging between his legs.