Hubbs Is A Disgusting Asshole For How He Treated Hot Yankees Stadium Girl (Kayce Too)

You know, sometimes, people in this company makes decisions I don’t necessarily agree with, but I keep my mouth shut and turn the other way. We’re a polarizing group, for sure, and I know we don’t all share the same opinions or views, so I don’t try to get in the mix very often. I can’t stand by and let this go on, though.

Hubbs is, quite frankly, a disgusting asshole for how he treated the hot Yankees Stadium girl this week. Kayce too. Disgusting asshole. I’m appalled at both of them.

It just fucking sucks. This person is at the game, putting the work in, feeling good enough about themselves to take a photo or two, and you’re mocking them? Fuck you.

Justine, what I said in my tweet earlier stands. I’ll take you to a Yankees game and put the amount of photos you took this week TO SHAME. We’ll have a full on photoshoot one thru nine. Maybe even livestream the whole thing for the haters. Just lmk.

Oh, and BTW, ERIC, Justine is not an Insta model. You can keep your bad comments.