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Transgender People Are Upset Over The Male/Female Snapchat Filter

I’m not going to pretend to know the first thing about what transgender people view and don’t view as a burden. I’m so tragically male sometimes I wish I had some female confusion mixed up in there to stop me from some of the decisions I continually make. Aside from a healthy dose of proud beta and some occasional light butt play in the bedroom I’m pretty sure I’m like a hundo percent dude. So maybe I’m not the right guy to chime in here, but here it goes:

If this Snapchat filter is the one thing you choose to speak out on in the fight for transgender acceptance, you probably suck. You’re probably a shitty male, or female, or in the process of transitioning from one to the other and nobody wants to hear from you. Not one person on the 350 gender spectrum these days wants to hear from you. Transgender people have enough to worry about. From above average suicide rates to kids struggling to come to terms with their identity to the prohibitive costs of surgeries, to I don’t even know what else. Those are just the handful of issues I, and ignorant and painfully straight male, would imagine concern the community. After you get through all the other shit that tragically fucks with people who are just trying to be happy, then you can worry about goddam snapchat filters.


And by the way, if anything the Transgender community should embrace this shit. I tossed that filter on and I was one saucy bitch. I thought to myself, you know, I kinda get it. Give me some blush and some gloss and layer my hair or whatever and I’m fucking fire


I look A LOT like my sister so that weirded me out but I’m just say it’s like when you tuck it back Buffalo Bill style, strictly out of curiosity, to see what it would look like. If anything I think the snapchat filter blended the transgender and the plaingender communities. Who woulda thought, huh? The app designed to embolden guys to send dick pics also creating sexual and gender harmony in the world.