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This Jimmy Butler Instagram Post Sure Doesn't Seem Like A Great Sign That He's Staying In Philly

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 10.26.38 PM

Okay so obviously there’s an enormous chance here that Jimmy Butler just picked a horrific choice of words for this caption. It’s not like he’s a world renowned author or anything like that. He had a busy ass season and maybe he just rushed this caption a bit without thinking about how this was going to sound. But when you compare Jimmy’s end of the season Instagram caption to the one from Joel Embiid…


…it sure as heck doesn’t sound too reassuring. Joel went with the “I’ll be back” and Jimmy just left it off with a thank you. An all-caps THANK YOU, mind you, but a thank you nonetheless.

Now the one thing I’ll say is that I feel like if this was actually Jimmy Butler saying that he’s dipping out in free agency, he’d probably add a little something extra to that caption. I feel like that is way too quick of a caption to be a final goodbye. But it’s also way too quick of a caption to be an “I don’t give a fuck about any other team, I’m taking the max in Philly and staying here for the rest of my career”. So who knows. All we do know is that we’re going to have weeks and weeks of constant speculation on the Jimmy Butler Free Agency so buckle up, because every single word from here on out is going to get over analyzed. I’m sure that the callers on Philly sports talk radio will all have extremely rationale reactions to this one tomorrow.

But seriously. Jimmy. I beg of you. Please stay. Don’t ever leave.