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All Heck Has Broken Loose In A Small Pennsylvania Town Due To A Senior Prank Involving A Dozen Chickens, Toilet Paper, And Vaseline

  SUNBURY, Pa. - A high school principal, vice principal, and senior advisor are all suspended from a district in Northumberland County because of a high school prank gone wrong. The senior prank has been a tradition at the school for nearly 40 years. Flipped desks, toilet papered hallways, and a dozen chickens were left in classrooms overnight and the superintendent says 16 seniors at the high school were responsible. It was supposed to be part of a school prank which was supervised by the school's senior advisor, but the superintendent says it got out of hand.

What in tarnation do we have here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but a Senior Prank is supposed to be put on by the SENIORS. They're not supposed to tell anyone about it. That's what makes it a prank. But apparently this ass-backwards school in Pennsylvania has had a teacher oversee their prank for the last 40 years, and this specific teacher okayed the idea to flip all of the desks in the classrooms, Vaseline the door handles, toilet paper everything, and let 12 live chickens loose overnight. Hey stupid teacher:
Pranks are supposed to be funny, such as the legend of letting pigs loose in the school numbered 1, 2, and 4. The administrators will spend all day looking for #3. I've also read about things such as listing the Principal's house on the market by owner on Craigslist, and then scheduling and open house that people show up to. Or even old classes hiding 10,000 business cards that say "Class of 1997" under couches, behind paintings, in books in the library, in ceiling tiles, and all throughout the school.  Those cards are still being found today. That's funny. But this idea of completely trashing everything and letting chickens out for the teachers to walk into in the morning was just…..stupid.
That's not funny at all. That's an asshole move. And while the Superintendent immediately suspended the three administrators involved, he's not letting these asshole kids off easily either.

Those 16 students responsible for the mess are coming in two hours early every day until graduation to do extra cleaning around the school and community service.
Two hours early every day until graduation? School already starts at damn near 7 o'clock in the morning. I couldn't imagine being 18 years old and showing up at 5 a.m. This Superintendent means business. It's very clear what side of the fence he sits on. But it appears that everyone else in Northcumberland County has a split decision on what should happen. First, we have the "at least it wasn't a school shooting" side.
Good point, Jules. This prank is nothing in comparison to the school shootings that have occurred. Plus, the chicken shit can help tomato plants. I agree, everyone should walk away scot-free! But then Mark S. chimed in and completely swayed me back to the other side of the pendulum.
Forget about the Vaseline. Forget about the toilet paper. Forget about flipping desks. The real problem here is that chicken droppings are a HEALTH CONCERN. I want all 16 students fired. This was a chicken shit move by those kids. We'll have to wait until Monday to see if the administrators live to tell the tale though.

There will be a meeting next Monday to discuss when and if the principal, vice principal, and senior advisor will be allowed to come back.