Tyler O'day Is The Biggest Douchebag On the Planet And This Video Of Him Finishing The Marathon Proves It

So I’m not sure if people know who Tyler O’Day is. He is a kid who works for us from Umass. I first met him when I hired him to be an intern a couple years ago in Milton. After I hired him he came in and demanded a raise on the first day even though he knew how much the interns got paid all along. I fired his ass and hoped I’d never see him again. Then for some reason Paulie Docs hired him again in NY. Now the only time I really see him is when he prances around the office bragging about how he ran the marathon.

Well he posted this to his twitter today. To be honest it’s so preposterous I’m not even sure it’s real. But that weirdo body type screams Tyler O’day. Regardless who finishes the marathon like this at the 4 hour mark? I’m surprised he didn’t bring his own tape to break through. What a fucking asshole. Hey dude instead of busting ass towards the finish line like it’s a 100 yard dash why don’t you learn how not to dress like an asshole? Fucking Tyler O’Day.