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Deflategate Truther Patrick Peterson is Suspended for Cheating. The Curse Continues..

Hate to see it. Absolutely hate to see it. Patrick Peterson caught cheating. A man who is not only one of the best corners in the league, but one of its true moral policeman. A self-appointed protector of the game who has no tolerance for anyone accused of trying to gain a competitive advantage.

From 2015:

Count Arizona Cardinals four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson among the NFL players and fans who think the New England Patriots and Tom Brady will escape punshiment despite the official “Deflategate” report.

On Wednesday, NFL-hired attorneys led by Ted Wells released a 243-report (replete with pretty charts and funny texts) on their investigation stating that Brady was “at least generally aware” that team personnel had doctored footballs to his liking.

It’s got that “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” vibe which feels more cutting than calling him a cheater like regular Brady critics.

Patrick Peterson

Is it just me or is Deflategate starting to take on one a sort of Ancient Curse to it. Like how the men who all opened King Tut’s tomb died horribly. Or the way the Soviets disturbed the mausoleum of the conqueror Tamerlane in Uzbekistan which was inscribed “Whosoever Disturbs My Tomb Shall Unleash an Invader More Terrible Than I” and two days later Nazi Germany launched their surprise attack.

Think about it. Just about all the loudest voices crying for Tom Brady to be brought to (in)justice during Deflategate have all met with professional tragedy. The Colts fell off the map. Ryan Grigson got fired. The Ravens have gone 32-32 since and haven’t won a playoff game. Jerry Rice was exposed for cheating using Stick Um. ESPN has lost millions and laid off hundreds of workers. Mike Kensil was exiled to China. Kelly Naqi went from falsely claiming the Patriots doctored the kicking balls to going into hiding. Bob Kravitz lost his job. Texans owner Bob McNair dropped dead. Even D’Qwell Jackson, an innocent patsy in the whole thing who has always told the truth about what nonsense it all was, got suspended for performance enhancers. I could go on but you get my point.

And now, Patrick PEDerson is just the latest. Deflategate was the Ark of the Covenant. And once it was opened, all who looked upon it and believed they could use its power for their own benefit have met a terrible fate.

It’s sad. Very, very sad. But not as sad as finding out that an 8-time Pro Bowler, 3-time All Pro, $70 million defensive back has only gotten where he has by actually cheating, and not pretend cheating.