Cornell (Ever Heard of it) Professor Begs Young People To "Hump Their Lights Out"

People always say that professors at liberal elite schools are the reason that society is in a pussy tailspin. Well, David B Collum just might be breaking that mold.

Folks,,,, fuck. We are begging you with tears in our eyes to experience the joys of vaginal, oral, and anal pleasures while you are young and your testicles dont, and I’m quoting here, “look like a big of deflated potatoes.”

Go out and sow your seed. Sow it wide. Sow it far but, for the love of god, sow it like it’s a 19th-century dress that takes hours and hours to get right. Sow it.

This isnt a message just for the fellas either. Ladies, sow your coochie too!