Gordon Bombay's Dangerous And Disgusting Tactics Are Still Causing Issues Today

If you have been following along with this webpage and me you know that I have been banging this drum for a long time. So long that the original blog I wrote on this has somehow had many of the images I used get broken. So long ago that when I originally started publicly hating Bombay I wasn’t getting paid and KFC definitely didn’t know who I was

The point of that blog was “hey, Gordon Bombay actually.bad.chaps.gif”, but I gotta say. It was largely a hypothetical piece. Bombay ultimately won State and the Worlds and while I thought his behavior was abhorent, there wasn’t really any proof in the pudding. Four years later and that narrative has changed.

Let me ask you something…do you think a known alcoholic is a good role model for impressionable young hockey players? Do you think doing alcohol recklessly is cool? Well I think Goldberg probably got that impression. Get busted for drunk driving and you’ll just get to coach hockey as a “punishment”. Look how Goldberg turned out

goldberg arrested

Now, look. I don’t want to blame Bombay directly here. And one out of 15 kids ending up in trouble isn’t that big of a deal. There’s always at leaset one on every team and anyone can get caught up in a world of drug and alcohol abuse.

That wasn’t it though. Bombay’s “lessons” didn’t stop there. Remember this scene

Things aren’t going your way? Just fake an assault. Flash forward to present day and look at what we have going on

jussie smollett mighty ducks

Little innocent Terry Hall grew up to file fake police reports to the authorities as Jussie Smollett and he learned it from none other than Gordon Bombay. Deplorable. All of Bombay’s chickens have come home to roost. He was dangerous back then, and highly overrated. He corrupted the youth. A charge punishable by hemlock in the ancient world. Yet Bombay is still championed. People still sing his praises. He’s free to roam the country coaching and banging single moms. It’s not right. He should be held accountable for how his players turned out.