Gotta Support The Team: A Milwaukee Radio Station Has Banned Any Song With Drake In It

Ignore the corny radio personality and focus on the message here. This Milwaukee radio station is willing to take a beating in order for the Bucks to succeed. That’s real fandom, no matter if they are doing it for attention or not. It’s actually remarkable.

Drake is one of the, if not the, biggest star in music right now. But, when it’s the Eastern Conference Finals you do whatever it takes. Can’t hold anything back

But I think we need to focus on the main story here. The Drake Curse. How does this come into play with the banning of his music? We saw Drake reverse the curse by wearing Sixers shorts for game 7. We know all about the Drake Curse. Will banning him also help with the curse? That’s the sort of thing you need to ask yourself here.

A Toronto radio station caught wind of this and well, they absolutely murdered the fine people of Milwaukee:

Makes you wonder if Giannis vs Kawhi is taking a backseat to 92.5 vs 103.7.