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A Brewery Had Their Van Stolen, Offered Free Beer To Anybody Who Found It, And It Turns Out That People Really Like Free Beer

Source – The Unknown Brewery may have just accidentally broken an unofficial world record for locating a stolen vehicle.

The Charlotte-based brewing company posted a photo of their missing van to their Facebook page on Monday stating someone had taken it. The brewery also offered a reward for their missing van. A reward only fitting for a beer company.

“Whoever finds it, Brad will buy you a keg party! If you stole it and bring it back, you will also get a keg party.”

In just 42 minutes, WCNC reported, a woman named Caroline spotted the stolen van parked along her street.


First of all–this seems like a pretty solid plan for the summer. Want to throw a party but you can never get any of your shit head friends to Venmo you money for a keg? Simple solution: Just steal a van from a brewery and then get them to give you a keg as a reward for returning it. I’m not saying that this should be your plan every weekend. But it’s certainly something to consider if you’re in a tight spot.

Secondly, this is a pretty brutal look for the police. Don’t get me wrong–I appreciate cops and respect the hell out of the work that they do. But all this brewery had to do was offer some free booze to people and some ordinary citizens just did the cops’ job in less than an hour. I mean how often to the cops actually find a stolen car? And even if they do, it’s probably at least a few days after the fact. But with one tweet offering some free beer, the case was closed before lunch break was over. Kind of seems like the police should employ this tactic a little more often if they want results. I just feel like if you offer free food or booze to people, they’re going to do whatever it is that you want them to do. So if you want people to find a stolen van in exchange for free food or booze, they’re going to find that van and they’re going to find it within the hour. It’s a win-win-win for everybody. Less work for the police as they’d be crowd sourcing some detectives, whoever had their property stolen obviously gets it back, and then free booze to whoever finds the stolen items. Just something to think about.