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John Daly Responds To Tiger Chirping Him About Using A Cart At The PGA Championship: 'You Don't Get It'

Let’s catch everybody up on this story

It started a couple weeks when John Daly’s request to use a cart at the PGA Champion ship got approved

Daly actually told us about it when we interviewed him down in Houston and he gave us the whole rundown of how it happened and why he needs a cart

Then yesterday Tiger was asked about it at his press conference and he said this

Sometimes it’s hard to get a read on whether Tiger is joking or not or both. I think it’s both this time around because, as far as anyone knows, Tiger and JD are friendly and like each other quite a bit. So it’d be pretty outta left field for Tiger to rip Daly outta nowhere but Eldrick still took the opportunity to remind people that he won a major on a broken leg which will forever be super badass.

Then today Daly responded by saying this

So, the 2008 U.S. Open champion — won with a stress fracture in his leg and a partially torn ACL — couldn’t fathom the Americans with Disabilities Act would rule on Daly’s behalf. Daly said he wished Woods had “all the facts.” “Might have been a different comment,” said the 53-year-old Daly. “As well as the Golf Channel Wednesday morning, when they bashed me pretty good, and a few others [who criticized me].” The facts are, Daly has arthritis in his right knee and said he cannot walk much downhill. He also has type 2 diabetes and said he’s cut down on drinking and eating, telling USA Today he’s lost 25 pounds since November. He wants the world to know he’s trying.

“He got his fixed for some reason,” Daly said. “No doctor will replace my knee because of a different type of problem. It’s hard to explain why. I’m not a doctor. I just try to do what they say.”

My guess on the whole matter is that Tiger was 94% kidding with his comments because that’s just how he is but John Daly took it personally because everybody has been making fun of him about the cart ever since the news broke that it was approved. I’ll tell you this, I would love nothing more than for Tiger and JD to be paired up at some point this weekend. That would really make a lot of people laugh, myself included.