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Melo Was Playing With Partially Torn Labrum, Needs Offseason Surgery

NYDailyNews – Carmelo Anthony played 12 playoff games with a partially torn left shoulder, the Daily News has learned. An MRI of Anthony’s shoulder revealed a partially torn labrum, according to a Knicks source, and he may need surgery. The Knicks are hopeful that the injury will heal on its own and the club has told Anthony to rest for the next three to four weeks, at which point he will be reevaluated.


Not gonna blame losing to the Pacers on a partially torn shoulder for Melo. Because like I’ve said over and over again, Melo did all he could. Makes you wonder about those 4th quarters though. If Melo is 100% healthy and has a chance to finish those games strong down the stretch, series could have been completely different. At the very least would have gone 7.

But more importantly this is just gonna be another story of Carmelo putting the team on his back that he won’t get credit for. Playing injured, never complaining, never making excuses. Persevering through off nights and virtually zero help from anyone else on his team. We’ll just ignore the injury because that doesn’t fit the usual “Carmelo isn’t a winner” routine that the public eats up like sheep. And hey! Kevin Durant donated money to charity! Let’s make sure we include that when discussing two guys and their on the court performance.

PS – also let’s ignore the $500,000 Melo donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts and the days he spent in Brooklyn helping volunteers hand out supplies in the storm’s aftermath. Because that doesn’t fit the “Carmelo Anthony is a Villain” storyline from the media either.