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You All Owe Don Cherry A Massive Apology

Don Cherry caught a ton of shit earlier this year when he called the Carolina Hurricanes a “bunch of jerks” for their post-game celebrations. The Carolina Hurricanes–an organization which maybe 15 people actually care about–had all of these people rushing to their defense against mean ol’ Grapes calling them jerks. Almost every outlet called Don Cherry out for being the old man yelling at the clouds. Even our very own Grinnelli decided to call him a “master troll”. But Don Cherry is Don Cherry for a reason, and the rest of you are not. Don Cherry has been around this game since the game was invented. Which is why I said what I said after this rant came out.

Whatever comes out of Don Cherry’s mouth should be categorized as a fact of life by the hockey community, no questions asked. If he hates the Carolina Hurricanes post-win celebrations, well then we all hate the Carolina Hurricanes post-win celebrations. I don’t care if it’s meaningless. I don’t care if it takes more energy to hate the celebrations than it would to just disregard them entirely and have zero opinion on them either way. I do not care. If Don Cherry says fuck those jerks, well then fuck those jerks.

But people didn’t want to listen to me. They still talked about Don Cherry just being a grump old asshole, and people rallied around the “bunch of jerks” mantra. And look at where it got them.

The Carolina Hurricanes are now just one loss away from getting swept in the Eastern Conference Finals. It disgusts me. The hockey world deserves an apology for how badly the Hurricanes have ruined these playoffs. The Eastern Conference Playoffs in general have been god fucking awful. Two sweeps in the first round. Then Carolina swept the Islanders after the Islanders swept the Penguins. And now the Hurricanes are about to get swept by the Bruins. It’s a disgrace. I mean at least put up a fight or something. We can’t have sweeps in 3 straight rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This isn’t the NBA.

Again though, I think everybody out there owes Don Cherry a massive apology. Because he was right. This team is a bunch of jerks. And even if you don’t like to hear it, the Hockey Gods know that its true and the Hockey Gods speak to Don Cherry. They told him that the Hurricanes would end up getting ass blasted by the Hockey Gods for their jerkish antics. Grapes tried to warn everybody but none of you wanted to listen. So now what do we have? The shittiest playoffs of all time because the Bruins are basically walking into the Stanley Cup Final after the fraudulent Canes snaked their way to the ECF. Grapes was right, the rest of you were dead wrong. Hope you feel great about yourselves.