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If Adam Silver Truly Cares About The NBA And Zion As A Human He Would Listen To What Zion WANTS By Sending Him To The Knicks

Listen, I’m not calling for Adam Silver’s job. I’m calling for him to do what’s right. That’s listening to the players in his league. Zion Williamson does not want to be in New Orleans. Can you blame him? This is an organization that has been rumored to be moving to Seattle. This is an organization that is going to trade Anthony Davis (to the Knicks for RJ Barrett, Zion’s best friend).


But you have to think about Zion. He’s a large part of the future of the NBA. You can’t just send him to New Orleans and have him worried about flaming out with an organization that just can’t figure it out. I mean the guy had to be WHISKED away from the lottery.

Do the right thing, Adam. You have to send him to New York. That’s the only fair thing. Sure, the Knicks may send him right back to New Orleans for Anthony Davis, but maybe not. We’re talking about doing the right thing here. We’re talking about saving a human being.