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The Knicks Get The No. 3 Pick Because It's The Goddamn Knicks, So What Now?

Alright, I don’t need to recap the lottery. We all watched. The Knicks got the No. 3 pick thanks to these new lottery odds. Bullshit if you ask me.

So what happens now?

The very first thing you do is call the Pelicans. Anthony Davis still sounds like he wants out of New Orleans. The Knicks still have a strong offer and if New York is a place that he wants to sign you can go in with a package that others won’t since they’ll only have him for a year.

You build a package with the No. 3 pick, Kevin Knox, DSJ, Frankie Smokes, etc for salary to get Anthony Davis. You can sell the Pelicans on pairing the Duke teammates and best friends in RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson in New Orleans together. That has to be option No. 1.

You make this call tonight. You try to plant the notion in the Pelicans head right now.


If that fails, well, here we go.

You hope the Grizzlies overthink this and take RJ Barrett and keep Mike Conley for whatever reason. That means Ja Morant falls to number 3 and the Knicks take the 2nd best player in the draft. That’s a win.

But, we’re the Knicks. Things don’t work out for us obviously. That means we’re drafting RJ Barrett. It’s that simple. Barrett is a unique player. He can be inconsistent and can turn into a volume shooter at times. But, he’s also a playmaker. You have another wing for Fizdale to work with.

In summary, fuck this guy and try to trade this pick to New Orleans right away: