Does Jordie Need An Enforcer? Because Stephen A. Smith Just Stole My Shtick

Ummmmm what in the actual fuck is this? Just what in the world is going on here? Because the last time I checked, I’m the guy on the internet who gets to say who does and who doesn’t need any enforcers. I’m not some Johnny Come Lately like this Stephen A. Smith fella over here. I’ve literally dedicated my entire career as a well respected sports journalist on this very discussion.

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I could go on and on with these if I really wanted to, but I feel like you all get the point by now. And that point is that I’ve sacrificed YEARS of my life trying to answer life’s greatest question–“Does ______ Need Enforcers?”. (Spoiler Alert: the answer is always yes).

But now Stephen A. Smith thinks that he can just get up there on ESPN and become the enforcer guy? Buddy,,,,,,I could have told you 4 years ago that the Houston Rockets needed a goon. I bet if you go back through all my blogs, I’ve probably even written about that by now. And this dude thinks he can just come out of nowhere and take that from me? Over my dead body.