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Lisa Ann Explains Why She Went On A Twitter Rant About Michael Del Zotto On Some Random Show

It’s was pretty hard to avoid/forget, but just in case you don’t remember Lisa Ann’s Twitter rant on Michael Del Zotto texting her to set up “dates”, those tweets can be found here. Well yesterday Lisa Ann went on to FNTSY Sports Radio, some XM radio bullshit, and explained some more of the back story. And here’s really all I got out of it; Lisa Ann is exactly who we thought she was. She’s just an attention whore, and an actual whore.

Listen, I get that MDZ probably should have pumped the brakes a little. I get that he may have been just a little too aggressive. But like I’ve said before, anybody in Michael Del Zotto’s position would do the exact same thing. The dude starting banging a pornstar and now he wants to bang other porn stars. If Lisa Ann isn’t gonna hook him up with any of her friends, he’s gonna move on to modeling agencies. Seems like common sense to me but I guess some people don’t get how life works? It blows my mind that there’s not just a constant line of girls waiting to get a crack at him, but girls are stupid. Either way, can you really blame a guy for text messages that he sends between the hours of 2 am and 5 am? Everyone with half a brain knows that any time a man is texting at those hours is because he’s horny as hell and is just looking to for a good time. Then he wakes up in the morning, looks at his phone and is like “goddammit, I should have just gone to bed”. So hey Lisa Ann, you think you’re annoyed when you have to scroll through those text messages? Imagine how MDZ feels every time he wakes up and has to scroll through them. Get the hell outta here with that shit. If you’re a professional hockey player with that head of hair, you should never have to be “sorry” for trying to find as many women to sleep with as possible. You’re only in the NHL for so long, might as well take full advantage of it. And I hope that Lisa Ann starts to play fantasy hockey and never picks up MDZ. Because if you don’t have Del Zotto on your roster, you’re missing out BIG TIME.

By the way, am I some how Eskimo brothers with MDZ if he banged Lisa Ann and I j.o’d to her? That’s gotta count for something, right?