Iowa Becomes The 9th State To Legalize Sports Betting Because We're Smart

DMR- Placing a bet on your favorite sports team is officially legal after Gov. Kim Reynolds signed legislation Monday allowing gambling on college and professional sports in Iowa. Reynolds had not previously said whether she would sign the law. Lawmakers passed the measure last month with bipartisan support. The legislation allows Iowans 21 years and older to wager on sporting events at any of Iowa’s 19 casinos and online if they visit a casino once in person to prove they are at least 21. It also legalizes bets on fantasy sports through websites and apps like DraftKings and FanDuel. There are certain restrictions. While Iowans can bet on the result of college games, the law does not allow in-game proposition bets on college sports, like how many points a certain player will score. The legislation follows a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year that struck down a federal ban on sports wagering.


Listen I’m not much of a gambler besides betting the occasional first inning no runs with Glenny Balls but even I know this is a big deal and no brainer. Legalized sports betting is the future for all states regardless if they like it or not and Governor Kim Reynolds embraced that future by signing sports betting into law. Am I shocked that this happened? No, some people might be AKA the rest of the country that knows nothing about the great state of Iowa, but not me.

People talk shit and say mean things about Iowa all the time. They say we’re nothing but flyover hicks who wouldn’t know our ass from our elbow but lemme ask you something, is sports betting currently legal in your state? If the answer is yes, congrats on having a brain. If the answer is no, then your state is dumber than my state by default. Legalized sports betting is inevitable (like marijuana #LEGALIZEIT) and your state government has to be a bunch of morons if they don’t see it. Feels good to be from one of the states that sees the future and acts accordingly instead of being dumb and stubborn for no reason. Shout out to Iowa and Iowans everywhere, we’re smart and mostly everyone else is stupid. Now go nuts and bet your bottom dollar that Iowa football might be good next season. You never know.