Nina Agdal Might Be My New Number 1

I’ve been flirting with Nina Agdal for a while now. And by that I mean flirting inside my head with her. Playing a game of cat and mouse with her where I’m not quite ready to call her my number 1 celebrity in the game. Like George Senior in the attic with Polly the Doll. I DON’T, LET THEM TELL ME, WHAT TO DO. I thought she should have ben the SI cover girl and her Carl’s Jr. commercial really sent her flying up the charts for me. And I think this picture here in the white jeans  and that kinda messy hair did it for me. She looks like an ultra smoke. Almost impossible to top. That shot and these outtakes from her Esquire photoshoot pushed me to the brink. I’m like 99.9% ready to declare it, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I feel like she needs one more big time smokeshow moment for me to give her the title.

And so this dance continues, Nina. You continue to toy with my eyes and my emotions and I continue to play hard to get. Thats the way we’re gonna play this.

Click here for NSFW shot