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Former "Lost" Actress Playing Jodi Arias In New Lifetime Movie

Huff Po – Despite HuffPost Weird News’ best efforts to cast the role of Jodi Arias,Lifetime went with a different leading lady. Tania Raymonde, best known for her role on the series “Lost,” will play the convicted murderer in the movie, “Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret,” set to premiere June 22. Raymonde sat down with CNN last week to talk about her role in the film and how she prepared for the sexual madhouse that is Jodi Arias. “I always tried to rationalize that [Arias] loved [Travis Alexander] so passionately and so deeply that she did these things to him to please him because it pleased herself,” Raymonde said. She’s referring, of course, to Arias’ now notoriously explicit testimony, where she went into great detail about the couple’s sexual relationship. Anal sex, oral sex, and candy in the bedroom were just some of the subjects covered when Arias was questioned in March and April.

Alex Rousseau coming in hot! Last time I saw this chick, she was banging that fucking loser Karl and her own father Ben was letting her get murdered. Now she’s gonna play a murderous whore that loves to bang. Kind of some symmetry there if you combined all of them. Gotta love this chick jumping at the chance to play Jodi Arias though. Signing up for weird sex scenes and talking about anal and shit. This chick can play for my team any day.

PS – Is it weird that I’d watch a Jodi Arias porn parody? Not the murder part. But everything before it. All the weird kinky sex and the candy and shit. Those descriptions were hotter sex than I’ve ever even come close to. Basically what I’m saying is if this lookalike actress did a youjizz Jodi Arias porn parody without the murder I wouldn’t not watch it.