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Reader Email - Apparently That Model Who Hates Models From Yesterday Is From Cambridge And This Kid Is OBSESSED With Her


Reader Email

From: EDC
To: tips@barstoolsports.com
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2013 1:51:07 PM
Subject: Cameron Russell is from Cambridge and obviously fuckin hot

To the Stool – i know this isn’t the place to stick up for girls but this chick is born and raised in boston barstool territory and thats kinda like blasphemy to shit on a hot girl from down the street. feitelberg didn’t do his homework on this one. this girl is from Cambridge, went to BB&N for middle school and left when someone offered to pay her hundreds of dollars an hour to get pictures taken of you, sounds pretty easy and sweet to me. she was the girl who rode her bike to school with a milk crate on the back holding her backpack. rocking her sweater that grandma may have knit. Just a genuinely nice kinda dorky girl who all the other lying girls now say they KNEW she was beautiful and bound to be something amazing. she was ok but noone on earth could say she would look like she does in those pics. why chicks even lie and say shit like this is ridiculous to me but we all know they r bad liars so thats beyond the point. anyways she literally like a genius, went to like columbia and MIT and actually does give a shit about whatever stuff she is trying to prove in this article. not that i agree with it and it does seem a little hypocritical but come on man she’s a hot boston chick lets look at the pics and be happy. this dude feits is gonna try to clown on someone looking like that when he looks they way he does. come on man at least do a little research before shitting on a hot fuckin smart girl from boston which is pretty hard to come by look at these retarded trashy girls on every corner. by the way her mom started Zipcar and she’s a fuckin billionaire now on top of the milliions from modeling, pretty good genes.

Viva La Stool – EDC


How fucking creepy is that email? Like I hate Cameron Russell and I’m posting this solely for her benefit. Sweetheart, if you know somebody named “EDC” then you take out a restraining order and you take it out fast. This guy has been fantasizing about you for the better part of the last decade and it seems like me making fun of you may have pushed the situation to a head. Guarantee this kid is some incredible loser who thinks that Cameron might see him sticking up for her so she’ll rush to be buy her chivalrous man’s side. Take it down a notch, bro. I don’t care where she was born. Don’t care what kind of bike she used to ride or that she wore sweaters her grandma knit her  or that her mom invented ZipCar. I literally don’t care at all about her past which you know WAY too much about. All I care is that she’s a model who says she hates models after she made millions off of modeling. That’s what it boils down to here.