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Wake Up With Barry Bonds Being INTENTIONALLY WALKED With The Bases Loaded In The Bottom Of The 9th

Another Barry Bonds Monday starts off with something out of this world. Buck Showalter and the Diamondbacks are up two on the Giants with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Bases loaded for the Giants with Barry Bonds due up. Arguably the best baseball player ever, a guy in the prime of his career. Do you pitch to him and risk letting him hit a ball to Mars? Or do you do the unthinkable and put him on base and put the tying run at third with the winning run at second? Buck was always an outside the box thinker, and that is why he did the unthikable. He put Bonds on first via the intentional walk. He was NOT going to let Bonds beat them. He could have lived with Brent Mayne beating him, but he wasn't going to let Barry do it. And what would ya know, it worked out for old Buck. They put Bonds on with four pitches and Mayne lined out to the right fielder to end the game. If that ball would have fallen Buck would have been eaten alive, but instead, he was a genius. Not many managers have the balls to do that, but Buck did.