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Sunday. Game Of Thrones Day. I'm Excited, Get Excited

I’ve been making these hype videos for the past few episodes. Some people enjoy them, some people hate them. My favorite thing is that a lot of parents DM me with videos of their little children singing the the “Suuuuuunday Game of Thrones day I’m excited I’m excited…” I won’t post those because, you know, they’re little kids and we’re coming into pedophile season. But it’s fun to see that I’m influencing the young minds of America, like a budding L Ron Hubbard.

I’ll throw you guys a bone: these videos aren’t great. I do not stand by this product. I don’t write this shit, I just sit down and spit out whatever nonsense I can think of from last week and then some of the analysis I hear during the week. It’s low-brow and capitalizing on the popularity of something else, and I feel pretty cheap even making them. When you guys shit on these, I think… yup, fair. But hey, if you can lower your expectations and maybe smoke enough weed, you might catch a giggle.

Anyway. Hate it, love it, don’t care about it, come see me at the Wilbur THIS FRIDAY in Boston. I DO stand by that material.


Love you! Happy Thrones Day!