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And the Pussification of America Continues: High School Hockey Team Forced To Forfeit Playoff Game After Making Harlem Shake Video

(How moist is former Intern Molly right now?)

Yahoo - As reported by the Journal-News’ high school hockey blog, the Nyack (N.Y.)-Tappan Zee (N.Y.) High boys hockey co-op team forfeited its first round Section I state playoff game against Lakeland (N.Y.)-Panas (N.Y.). While there was no official reason given for the forfeit, there’s little question about what caused the forfeit: A rather racy version of the Harlem Shake, performed by the Nyack-Tappan Zee squad and posted to YouTube during the second week of February. In fact, if there was any question that the aforementioned video was responsible for the playoff forfeiture, it seemed to be answered by a Nyack-Tappan Zee senior on Twitter.“We were forfeited from playoffs for a borderline inappropriate video in the locker room of Harlem shake,” Ice Hawks senior forward Corey Aronson tweeted on Friday to a friend, according to the Lo-Hud hockey blog. Clearly the lesson from the video and its subsequent penalty is that teens need to be more careful about what they’re putting online for public consumption. Whether an entire team’s season needs to be ended to ram home that point, at the expense of their teammates, is another matter entirely.

And the pussification of America continues. I mean a sock on the dick during a Harlem Shake video is worthy of forfeiting a playoff hockey game? Really? Why? How? I don’t get it. EVERYBODY is doing Harlem Shake videos. In terms of what high school kids do nowadays this was G rated material. I just don’t get it. Like there is no teaching moment here. There is nothing that is gained by making this team forfeit. Nothing is learned. This is just punishment for the sake of punishment over nothing. Ruining kid’s seasons just for the hell out if it. Robbing them of memories they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Why? Because some old out of touch administrator who probably doesn’t even have the internet made a moral decision on what is right and what is wrong and being completely oblivious to the world around them. It’s bizarro world stuff.

PS – Co-Op high school teams are for the birds. If you’re town can’t field a team by itself than you shouldn’t play the sport.