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A Mother's Day Tribute To Cersei Lannister Takes Us Into The Last War

There’s a chance that I am going to feel really awful blogging a tribute video to someone that may do unspeakably bad things in tonight’s Game of Thrones episode. But a Stoolie named Chris Rusk, who made this incredible Thrones video a few weeks ago, popped out a fresh montage to one of the most ruthless characters in television history. On Mother’s Day no less! So I had to post a video to the Vince McMahon of Westeros before she either dies or does something that goes past the point of no return. Actually I think Cersei went past that point at some time between when she killed hundreds of innocent people when the Great Sept of Baelor exploded and when she made Ellaria Sand watch her daughter die a slow death then waste away into dust like a slow motion victim of The Snap. You don’t have to like or root for Cersei. But if you can’t respect just how incredibly evil she is, you need to grow the fuck up. The part of me that has a soul with human emotions hope she dies. But the part of me that appreciates a great character hope she finds a way to not only survive but make all her enemies pay the most vicious price. Okay, that’s probably not true because I love wayyyy too many people on the other side of this war. But if Cersei goes out tonight, I hope she goes out blazing.

Anyway, you guys want to watch that Sept scene again along with the hauntingly beautiful song that accompanied it? Good, me too!

And in case king slaying and redemption arcs are more of your thing, Chris also put together a hell of a video for Cersei’s incestuous lover that somehow has become a beloved character despite throwing a 10-year-old kid out a window because said kid saw him fucking his sister in Episode 1.

Just reading that last sentence makes me laugh at how absurd it is. Damn this show is fucked up. I’m really going to miss it. Hopefully they knock these last two episodes out of the park, starting with The Last War tonight followed by reactions immediately after it’s over on Game of Stools.