Disney Channel Forced To Pull Show Because It "Shames" Kids With Gluten Allergies

Huff Po – The Disney Channel has pulled an episode of “Jessie” from their regular programming in response to backlash from parents. The complaints about the show were formalized in a petition, claiming that storyline was insensitive towards children with food allergies. In the episode, a young character named Stuart, who is sensitive to gluten, is made out to be annoying and high-maintenance. For example, when another character throws pancakes in his face, the in-studio audience laughs at him along with everyone else in the scene. (You can see the offending clips captured by blogger Gluten Dude in the video above.) When mom Amy Raslevich saw the episode with her two children who both have Celiac disease, she was appalled and her kids were very upset. “There were tears in my daughter’s eyes, and my son’s fist was clenched,” she told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Raslevich started a petition on Change.org on Thursday in an attempt to convince Disney to pull the episode titled “Quitting Cold Koala.” She explained how her kids are often ostracized because of their condition that limits their diets and how Disney poorly portrayed the issue. She wrote:

They will often feel excluded or different, because they have to be to avoid serious illness.Yet Disney gave children permission, and an example, to further isolate my children and others like them because of their medical conditions. Their characters made it okay to characterize a real illness as an annoyance that is justification for the ‘cool kids’ to make fun of the ‘others’. This isn’t acceptable for anyone. It is the definition of bullying.

My two favorite hot button issues of today. 1) When people call “making fun of” something “shaming” and 2) Allergies. “Shaming” is the newest buzzword used by all the pussies in the world. Lets get one thing clear – I’m not “shaming” fat people. I’m making fun of them because I think they are gross. I’m not “shaming” sluts. I’m making fun of them because they give up the pussy to easily. I don’t care if they are “ashamed” or if its a “shame” they are fat or big whores. To be honest, I don’t even really understand the term. All I know is I am fucking making fun of them. Don’t make me sound like some bitch by saying I “shame” people.

Now for allergies. Fucking allergies. What a bunch of fucking babies the world is with allergies. Oh you’re allergic to pollen? Guess what? The whole fucking world is. Dust irritates your eyes? No fucking kidding pal. And I’m sorry that you can’t even look at a fucking peanut without your throat closing up, but guess what? Peanut butter and jelly is ridiculous and thats what kids are gonna eat in the cafeteria. We’re not gonna tell the whole school to stop eating PB&J because one dickhead can’t smell peanuts without dying like a pussy. Oh and as far as the Gluten thing. Listen kids – if you’re allergic to gluten you might as well find some gluten-free bullets and put one right in your head. Because theres gluten in just about every fucking thing in the world. So you better be able to sack up and deal with the goddam Disney Channel cracking some jokes about you, because trust me – your life is gonna be a LOT worse than that.