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The Texas A&M Track And Field Team Has A Big Time Internal Beef That Needs To Be Discussed

I just spent 91 games watching the Boston Celtics. I know a team dealing with internal strife whether they want to admit it or not. This Aggies team has bad blood written all over them. At first watch of this video I thought, “Hey that’s pretty funny. Kid just laid out for a victory on an incredibly rough terrain, surely giving himself all sorts of scrapes and lacerations to be dealt with in the not-too-distant future.” And then I thought, “Are all those baseball people wrong by saying diving into first base is slower than running through the bag? Because this dude seems to have fundamentally proven that to be false if you’ve got an above average wingspan.” And then it dawned on me, “Holy shit that guy’s name is Infinite Tucker! What a name!”

Finally, after several idiotic thoughts and multiple rewatches, I noticed that the dude he beat out was wearing oddly familiar colors.


I don’t know what happened between Robert Grant and Infinite Tucker but I have all the evidence I need to call them the Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez of Aggie Track & Field. Bitter rivals to the very core. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird of the 400 meter hurdles. Maybe this goes all the way back to high school. Maybe it’s a fresh wound that can be repaired given time. I can only judge based off the information presented to me. And based off all available information, this victory was more than just a gold medal in the SEC Track & Field Championship to Infinite Tucker. Much, much more.