Dude Filming His House Hoping To Catch Paranormal Activity Catches His Wife Trying To Bang Her Step-Son

MSN – A Tasmanian woman has pleaded guilty to underage sex with her stepson after she was caught out on a camera set up to capture paranormal activity. The 28-year-old woman, from the state’s east coast, appeared in the Supreme Court in Hobart yesterday facing five counts of sex with an underage boy between October and November 2012. Last October the woman had gone to her 16-year-old stepson’s room to discuss his driving lessons, the Hobart Mercury reports. The pair previously had a strained relationship, the court heard, but their discussion led to tickling and then to sexual intercourse. The next day the woman’s partner set up a video camera in their kitchen to try and capture paranormal activity. But when he returned home from work and reviewed the footage he discovered he had recorded her cuddling and kissing his teenage son. He called police and the woman admitted to having sex twice with the boy, whom she had known since he was in primary school. After being questioned by police, the court heard the boy moved to the state’s west coast and the woman travelled to see him, where they had sex again during a six-day stay in a hotel. Her defence lawyer told the court she was under the mistaken impression that the age of consent was 16 and was ashamed at her conduct. The woman had since split up with her partner, with whom she had a young child.

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