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Former Major League Pitcher Dallas Braden Watches The A's Game From The Six Thousandth Row On The 9th Anniversary Of His Perfect Game


For those of you who don’t remember Dallas Braden, he was a left-handed pitcher who, once upon a time, pitched for the Oakland A’s from 2007 through 2011. Nobody’s really sure what he’s been up to since hanging up his spikes, but he did come out of hiding on Thursday, which was also the ninth anniversary of his perfect game that he threw on Mother’s Day 2010.

How did he celebrate the anniversary of his special day? By taking in the A’s game from the six thousandth row at the Coliseum. Is it a weirdo move? Yeah. Maybe a little bit. But it’s also pretty cool when you consider that this guy was down on that very same field nine years to the day, becoming the 19th pitcher in baseball history to throw a perfect game.

Now, he’s a weirdo that looks like Animal from the Muppets wearing a Unabomber costume, who also apparently lurks in the shadows of the stadium, but still pretty cool nonetheless. You don’t see guys like David Wells, Mark Buehrle, or Kenny Rogers doing shit like this.

Dallas Braden, man. He’s one of a kind.