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In Case You Missed It...Bro Show Episode 1

Pres posted this on Friday afternoon so I know a lot of people saw it but I feel like a lot might have missed it on a Friday afternoon. The reason I’m reposting it is twofold – 1) Despite the fact that you’re all borderline retarded people, the commenters actually provided some solid feed back that we took into consideration. We’re gonna look into doing it in a bar, looking into guests, girls, new segments etc etc. So any more suggestions or feedback is welcome again here. 2) Lot of people are assuming this is just the end of KFC Radio. That Pres shut down my show and cuckolded me and shit. Not the case. Me and Pres have been talking about this for months. As it took time to materialize I started to recap blogs on KFC Radio and started interviewing guests and what not just to keep it growing. But I’m more than happy to transfer that idea over to this Barstool TV format. There’s no denying the fact that having us in the same room with multiple cameras is 100,000,000 times better than talking over each other on Google Hangouts.

So the way I see it is this – the Bro Show is gonna be the new Stool project to try to blow this site up into the mainstream. Get bigger guests and create content that appeals to a more general audience. That means recapping the viral stories and viral videos that people from all over the internet are gonna wanna watch. Not just Stoolies. Thats the thing about KFC Radio and Pres’ original videos he makes up in Boston – if you don’t know us, you don’t care about those episodes or videos. Hopefully Barstool TV will change that. Hopefully we can appeal to a much broader audience.

Meanwhile, KFC Radio lives on as a show for the diehard Stoolies. We’ll continue with your voicemails and all sorts of deranged questions about putting your kids in the microwave and fighting midgets and all the other wacky stuff we’ve talked about over the last year. Think of it like Bro Show being the higher quality TV show you like, while KFC Radio is the weird ass shit you’ll watch late on premium cable where absolutely anything goes. The thing is, when voicemail quality was slacking, I tried to fill in the gaps with blog recaps. So you guys need to make sure voicemail quality stays as high as it did back a few months ago since I wont be doing that anymore. If you’re a KFC Radio fan and want it to continue on, call the hotline and help keep it going:

646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665)

Or tweet @KFCRadio with content for our next show. But the key to it lasting while I travel back and forth from Boston every week now is making sure you guys give me enough to work with.