Spider-Man Stormed The Court And Took Out A Player With A Blindside Hit


Well, outside of Manny Pacquiao suiting up for a game this is the most Philippines basketball shit I can imagine. A guy dressed up as Spider-Man storming the court and blindsiding a player (debate whether or not that’s on purpose). Oh, and of course the guy got hurt.

If that’s not great enough, we have this. The game ended with a near buzzer beater:

I do enjoy a good court storming though. I mean they are everything. You get the craziness of a guy in a Spider-Man suit. You have the takeout of a player with a blindside hit. Then after that he almost drills another guy. You can tell Spider-Man is a bit woozy before getting apprehended.

This is the bad part though. If you’re a security guard you need to TAKE OUT Spidey here. You can’t just politely take him in. At least we got an A+ unmasking:


It was Rey Mysterio-esque:

I’ll say this. If you’re going to storm the court, I have a couple guys that you can get some lessons from. There is something magical about a court storming. Go to the professors: