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Driving In Total Silence Is The Craziest Thing A Person Can Do, Right?

We had a blackout in Baltimore this weekend. Yesterday morning I left to drive home with TallOne from BarstoolU. I took the first leg and blasted country music the whole time because that’s the best driving music in history. It’s not debatable. But that’s not really the story here. When TallOne eventually got behind the wheel I took a nap and awoke to potentially the weirdest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Tall guy had straight up turned off the radio. No music, no sports talk, no nothing. For almost 2 hours he had been driving in total silence. I didn’t even say anything because I was scared he’d kill me. Like in the movies when there’s a killer going nuts and someone just pretends they’re dead. I figured if I stayed totally quiet he might not hurt me.

So if anybody has some reason to drive in silence other than you’re a total psychopath who has a girl tied up in his trunk and wants to hear her scream, please let me know.  Otherwise I think we may have a legit 9 foot cuckoo clock on our hands.