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Nolan Arenado Was Launching Bombs In The Middle Of A Blizzard Today

San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies

Colorado baseball, baby! Denver isn’t exactly the most ideal geographic location to play baseball given that you might have a game in the middle of a blizzard in the month of May, but that’s one of many reasons why Nolan Arenado is one of the best baseball players in the game. He don’t give a fuck. Rain, shine, sleet, snow — he’s launching bombs. This one was his tenth of the season in a 12-11 slugfest victory for the Rockies today, who have stumbled out of the gate a little bit to start the season.

Ain’t his fault, though. The Rockies’ superstar third baseman is back on his bullshit, hitting .322 with a .961 OPS. Spare me the Coors Field Effect when you talk about Arenado, by the way. He’s got a .964 OPS on the road to start the year. We talked to him about the stigma of being a slugger while playing half your season at Coors Field a couple of months ago. Check out the full interview below!