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How Long Until This "Wildest Kiss" Instagram Trend Murders One Of These Millennial Influencers?


(MSN) – The image sees Jean hanging onto the train with one hand while Camille leans out of the carriage to give him a steamy kiss – with one leg even raised in the moment of passion. It’s believed her brother, who was traveling with the couple, took the picture. Critics have slammed the couple and the photograph, branding the stunt ‘dangerous’ and even potentially ‘life threatening.’

Big hat tip to trusty newsman/ex-con/film icon Dave Vescio for bringing awareness to this disturbing new IG trend. Before we dig into this millennial hijinx allow me to point out, DV has a FIRE Twitter game. Not just because he throws up BREAKING NEWS with reckless abandon but also the content itself.

What the fuck Dave!


What range! What a showman! If he keeps up all this BREAKING NEWS coverage he’ll be working here in no time. Speaking of which let’s get back to those darn millennials over on that there ledge…


If it wasn’t for the blonde vs dark hair you wouldn’t know these are actually 2 different traveling couples. How is there always a goddamn swing perfectly set on these beaches? Why do all these beautiful places fill me with such disdain? I truly hope I never find out.

There’s no doubt the generic IG BF is certainly one of the worst archetypes this world has ever created. And there’s seemingly no end in sight to them or their trends. Well that is, until…

It’s happened before and it will happen again. Not for me to say whether these couples deserve an untimely demise because they only live for Likes, but I do think they should respect the fucking game at the bare minimum.

At least the infinity pool crew actually pulled off their picture. The train crew I’m not so sure. And neither is the internet. Imagine being that 3rd wheeling brother having to catalog all these bullshit adventures? PU!

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 6.10.53 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 6.17.52 PM

Camille & Jean, enjoy your fake adventures while you still can you FRAUDS…

Kelly + Kody FOR LIFE.